Sunday, 13 April 2014


Only two more weeks, and the weekly train to Lindchester will be departing at 7pm.

Who will be the next bishop of Lindschester? that's what we are all asking ourselves.  The CNC have been stroking their beards sagely.  Heads have been put together, influence has been brought to bear.  There are whispers and hot tips.

Meanwhile, the diocese ticks over.  The cathedral is still standing.  A major art exhibition is planned by the Arts Committee.  Some of you will be familiar with the work of this artist.  She will be visiting Lindchester for the private view.  I dare say her husband will be tagging along.  And perhaps this will be an opportunity for the scapegrace Freddie May to return to his earlier haunts and thank the artist for painting the big canvas that was such a lifeline to him during that 'unhappy phase' of his life?  And if he does put in an appearance, I expect he will run into one of the artist's oldest friends from Jesus College days.  (The nude picture of whom will cause such a flurry of scandalised emails to the dean of Lindchester.)  

And then there is our good friend the archdeacon to consider.  How's that romance going, I wonder?  And  (in the absence of a diocesan bishop) how will Matt and bishop Bob deal with the naughty priest who breaks ranks and gets married to his male partner?

Oh, I love my job!  I make money from daydreaming.  A bientot, dear reader.

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